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Mon, Aug. 16th, 2004, 04:00 pm
Good news...

Well, semi-good news...

My landlord showed up last night to ask what's up with rent. I informed him of the recent (and still in progress) roommate change (I think this is my 10th or so) and he was pretty cool with it.

Also informed me that if I can get him something for this month and full rent each month starting in September he'll forgive the pre-2004 debt. That's a pretty big chunk of change and quite generous of him. So why is this semi-good news? Cause I still need to come up with about $750 before September 1st, the employers are still collectively ignoring me to the best of their ability, Aural Tradition is still in no position to actually pay me the mere $100/ week or so I need in order to survive, and other income opportunities are remaining elusive as well.


If anyone's looking for an excuse to throw a little rent (or some shoes without holes in 'em) towards a beleagured spoken word organizer, I will be turning 35 this month ;-)